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Halloween 2024, 2025 and 2026

Halloween is an annual observance every 31 October in the United States. It is not an official holiday, but it is a popular and widely observed festivity across the nation.

202431 OctThuHalloween
202531 OctFriHalloween
202631 OctSatHalloween
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In the US, Halloween is so widely celebrated that you might be surprised to learn it is not a public holiday, but it’s not. Not everyone celebrates, and it is seen as an exclusively “kid” or “party” holiday by many. But most observe Halloween in some way or another each year.

Halloween is also known as All Hallow’s Eve because it is the day before All Saints Day, which honours all Christian martyrs and dearly departed saints. Religious customs for the day, such as lighting candles on graves and keeping an all-night vigil for the wandering dead, are not popular in the US. But, they do explain the “spooky” nature of the holiday!

Today, kids go from house to house dressed up in all manner of costumes, knock on the door, and say “Trick or Treat!” when someone answers. Candy or sweets of some kind are then donated to the kids’ treat bags. Halloween costume parties are also popular. People may bob for apples, play other games, and dance at such parties.

Finally, bonfires, jack-o-lanterns, watching horror films, and touring haunted houses are other popular ways that Halloween is celebrated in the US.

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202331 OctTueHalloween
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