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Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year 2025 and 2026

Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, is a major celebration in many parts of Asia. But its celebration is also spreading in the US, where a sizable Chinese and Asian population exists. The date of Lunar New Year is generally in late January or early February.

202529 JanWedLunar New Year
202617 FebTueLunar New Year
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Lunar New Year is not a public holiday in the US, but more and more people are taking part in annual Lunar New Year events that focus on Chinese food, decorations and parades.

In the US, parades for Lunar New Year take place in “China towns” like the one in San Francisco. People parade and dance with “dragons”, and at some point in the festivities, fireworks typically light up the sky. Martial Arts Clubs, Chinese restaurants, and other businesses with a Chinese connection often take part.

Families of Chinese or Asian descent may hold a traditional New Year’s reunion dinner, clean the whole house spic and span, sweep away bad luck, and put up red decorations on their windows and doors.

Paper cut art is also a major part of the decor and the fun, and the shape of the paper cutouts is supposed to help guarantee prosperity and happiness in the year ahead. Many will also give gifts of money in envelopes.

Previous Years

202410 FebSatLunar New Year
202322 JanSunLunar New Year