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Lyndon B. Johnson Day

Lyndon B. Johnson Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

In Texas, Lyndon Baines Johnson Day is a state-level public holiday in Texas, celebrating the presidency of one of the state’s native sons. The date, 27 August, was chosen because it is Lyndon B. Johnson’s birthday, and the holiday was only instituted after Johnson’s death in 1973.

202427 AugTueLyndon B Johnson Day TX
202527 AugWedLyndon B Johnson Day TX
202627 AugThuLyndon B Johnson Day TX
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Fondly referred to as “LBJ,” President Johnson was born in a small farmhouse in Stonewall, Texas to parents who instilled the tenets of Texas in him: God, country, industriousness, and compassion. Inaugurated as the 36th president of the United States, Johnson proudly served his country from 22 November 1963 to 20 January 1969.

During his administration, President Johnson strove to make America a “Great Society” for every American; his agenda embodied his personal experiences as he desired for every American to be able to benefit from America’s rich history and abundant opportunities.

President Johnson’s humble upbringing did not deter him. With the support of his family, Johnson’s persistence to succeed helped him advance from a Texas educator to President of the United States. Under the leadership of President Johnson, Congress passed some of the most effective laws to date: 1964 and 1968 Civil Rights Acts, the Medicare and Medicaid Acts, and the Voting Rights Act. However, his involvement in Vietnam was far less popular.

After his presidency, LBJ returned to his beloved Texas. He was deeply attached to Texas and his heritage. Johnson had long before purchased the land surrounding his birth place and had converted the land into the legendary LBJ Ranch: “The Texas Whitehouse.” The LBJ Ranch is where Texas’ native son was born, lived, died, and is buried.

After Johnson died on 22 January 1973, the Texas State Legislature created a holiday to be observed every year on 27 August in his honor.

On Lyndon B. Johnson Day, special events and parties are held all over Texas. LBJ’s Great Society speech and the changes the Great Society program introduced in the US are especially focused on at these events.

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