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Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Pioneer Day is a state holiday in Utah every 24 July to commemorate the entry of Brigham Young and the Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley. Pioneer Day has great significance for the residents of Utah and especially for members of the Mormon faith.

202424 JulWedPioneer Day UT
202524 JulThuPioneer Day UT
202624 JulFriPioneer Day UT
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The holiday commemorates the expedition and entry that was led by Brigham Young after the eviction of the Mormon saints from Nauvoo, Illinois. After the murder of their religious founder, Joseph Smith in June 1844, the Mormons were seeking an isolated place to practice their religion and be free from religious persecution.

Then, they headed towards the wild West, heading for the Rocky Mountains, and away from the eastern states that were forcing them out. They came to the Utah territory with significantly less people than their journey had started with. The pioneers faced tragic and unimaginable experiences along the trek, and despite this, there were 2,000 Mormon settlers by the end of 1847.

In Utah, Pioneer Day is one of the most enthusiastically celebrated holidays of the year. There is a reenacted discovery of Salt Lake Valley and a parade in Salt Lake City. There are also fireworks shows, rodeos, family picnics and parties, musical performances, and more that take place all over Utah.

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202324 JulMonPioneer Day UT
202224 JulSunPioneer Day UT
25 JulMonPioneer Day Holiday UT