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Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day 2025 and 2026

Saint Patrick’s Day is not a public holiday in the United States, however it is very widely recognised and celebrated nonetheless every 17 March. Due to the large numbers of Americans of full or partial Irish descent, Saint Patrick’s Day has become a standard time for celebrating Irish culture, heritage, and history.

202517 MarMonSaint Patrick's Day
202617 MarTueSaint Patrick's Day
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The main events on Saint Patrick’s Day are the dozens of city parades held all over the US, generally in places with high Irish American populations. The parade in New York City is especially prominent. Since 2009, a fountain on the White House lawn has been dyed green each year for Saint Patrick’s Day. And there are also church services, cultural exhibits, and family get togethers on this day in some quarters.

Wearing the color green, consuming Irish classics like corned beef and cabbage, potato soup, Irish stew, “Irish coffee”, Guinness and Irish whiskey, telling Irish jokes and limerick poems, and seeking to acquire the “luck of the Irish” are other ways people celebrate.

Saint Patrick himself was a missionary who was first kidnapped by Irish raiders around A.D. 500 but later returned to Ireland to convert the country to Christianity. He is the major patron saint of Ireland.

Previous Years

202417 MarSunSaint Patrick's Day
202317 MarFriSaint Patrick's Day