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Family Day

Family Day 2023, 2024 and 2025

Family Day is an official holiday in the state of Nevada, which comes on the day after Thanksgiving, thus coinciding with “Black Friday”.

202324 NovFriFamily Day NV
202429 NovFriFamily Day NV
202528 NovFriFamily Day NV
202627 NovFriFamily Day NV
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In Nevada, Family Day is intended as an opportunity for otherwise-busy families to spend “extra” time together, be it at home or out on short mini-vacations. It is also a day when the governor, along with certain county and municipal head executives, issue “Family Day proclamations,” which praise the importance of close families in creating a strong foundation for society.

On Family Day, many Nevadans relax at home, do extra house chores together, have a backyard barbecue, visit relatives, and eat leftover Thanksgiving turkey. They may also watch family-oriented or sports programming on TV, interspersed of course, with numerous Black Friday sales commercials.

Others get out of the house and go to local parks or state nature reserves to enjoy the weather together as a family before Winter arrives. There are also fairs and various other family-friendly events for families to attend.

Previous Years

202225 NovFriFamily Day NV
202126 NovFriFamily Day NV
202027 NovFriFamily Day NV
201929 NovFriFamily Day NV
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