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Spring 2023, 2024 and 2025

Although spring doesn’t come first on the calendar, it is logically the first of the seasons as it is the time of new beginnings and new birth. Scientifically, it begins at the time of the Spring Equinox, which in the US falls on either 19 or 20 March. In general, March, April, and May are considered the three springtime months of the year. As to the holiday calendar, springtime runs between Saint Patrick’s Day and Memorial Day.

202320 MarMonFirst Day of Spring
202419 MarTueFirst Day of Spring
202520 MarThuFirst Day of Spring
202620 MarFriFirst Day of Spring
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After a long, cold winter in northern parts of the US, the arrival of spring is a cause for celebration. People often engage in “spring cleaning” to get their houses spic and span, open the windows and doors to let a refreshing breeze blow through, and spend as much time as they can out of doors. As the scenery begins to “green up” and temperatures warm up, many go on picnics, walks, visits to the park, or excursions to nature reserves.

Spring is also known for its turbulent weather. As the old saying goes about spring in the US: “In like a lion, out like a lamb.” Early spring is a time of much rainfall and snow melt-off, which may cause many rivers and streams to flood. Flooding is especially severe in mountainous regions and in the Mississippi River Valley.

Spring is the worst time of year for storms in Tornado Alley, which covers the Plains, Midwest, and parts of the South. As warm air moves up from the Gulf of Mexico and collides with cold air still pushing down from Polar Regions, wind storms, rainstorms, and hail showers become common.

Ground frost grows less common and less severe as the spring rolls on, opening the way for farmers in the North to plant a new season of crops. The softer ground also paves the way for people to plant their own backyard gardens and for the US construction industry and road improvement projects to get underway.

The most significant holidays of the springtime in the USA include Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter Sunday, April Fool’s Day, Earth Day, National Day of Prayer, and Armed Forces Day. Some also celebrate May Day and Carnival season just before the 40-day fast of Lent.

Previous Years

202220 MarSunFirst Day of Spring
202120 MarSatFirst Day of Spring
202019 MarThuFirst Day of Spring
201920 MarWedFirst Day of Spring