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Lincoln's Birthday

Lincoln’s Birthday 2024, 2025 and 2026

Lincoln’s Birthday is a holiday to celebrate the anniversary of the former president’s birth on 12 February 1809. Lincoln’s Birthday used to be celebrated widely across the United States as a separate holiday, along with Washington’s Birthday, until a federal holiday  called “Washington’s Birthday” was enacted and became the de-facto day to celebrate and remember Presidents (this day is known popularly as “President’s Day“). But 12 February is still observed on the state level as Lincoln’s Birthday in a number of US states.

202412 FebMonLincoln's Birthday CT, IL, MO & NY
29 NovFriLincoln's Birthday Holiday IN
202512 FebWedLincoln's Birthday CT, IL, MO & NY
28 NovFriLincoln's Birthday Holiday IN
202612 FebThuLincoln's Birthday CT, IL, MO & NY
27 NovFriLincoln's Birthday Holiday IN
202712 FebFriLincoln's Birthday CT, IL, MO & NY
26 NovFriLincoln's Birthday Holiday IN
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The exact date of Lincoln’s Birthday may sometimes vary from state to state, but it is always on or near his actual Birthday of 12 February.

The first celebration of Lincoln’s Birthday in the US occurred in 1866, only a year after his assassination. Of course, the holiday was not popular in the South at first, but it was eventually kept up throughout the United States.

Today, in the states that still observe it as a holiday, Lincoln’s Birthday is celebrated with special events and battle reenactments. There is a wreath laying ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial in the nation’s capital, along with a public reading of the Gettysburg Address. And there may also be fundraiser dinners for members of the Republican Party.

Previous Years

202312 FebSunLincoln's Birthday CT, IL, MO & NY
13 FebMonLincoln's Birthday Holiday IL & MO
24 NovFriLincoln's Birthday Holiday IN
202211 FebFriLincoln's Birthday Holiday CT, IL & MO
12 FebSatLincoln's Birthday CT, IL, MO & NY
25 NovFriLincoln's Birthday Holiday IN