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Wyoming State Holidays

Discover upcoming public holiday dates for Wyoming and start planning to make the most of your time off.

Wyoming celebrates nine holidays, all of which are recognized by the federal government. In addition, the governor or the President of the United States may declare additional holidays. If New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Christmas or Veteran’s Day falls on a Sunday, it is celebrated on Monday. If those holidays fall on a Saturday, they are celebrated on Friday.

The third Monday in January is celebrated as both Martin Luther King Jr Day and Wyoming Equality Day. Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays are combined with celebrations held on the third Monday in February. Cheyenne, Wyoming, also celebrates Frontier Days in July as a way to celebrate the town’s Old West roots. A large festival is held and although not all business close, many do to allow citizens to celebrate and enjoy the festivities.

State offices are closed on holidays and state employees given paid leave. Private employers are not required to give employees paid holidays. However, many employers offer either paid holidays or premium pay as a benefit to their staff.

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